ex-scientist 2022-10-12 02:35

Roger Corman + a $2.5 million budget = still trash. Some of his work is made bearable by the mockery of MST3K, but not this.

I don't think Kevin is wise in snubbing his nose at the copyright mafia.

Allow me to suggest some movies that aren't shit.

City Girl (1930, Murnau) The Red Shoes (1948, Powell & Pressburger) Kind Hearts and Coronets (Ealing Studios) The Misfits (1961, John Huston) Splendour in the Grass (1961, Elia Kazan) Harold & Maude (1971, Hal Ashby) Alfie (1966, Lewis Gilbert) Bedazzled (1967, Cook & Moore) Wake in Fright (1971, Ted Kotcheff) Young Frankensetin (1974, Mel Brooks) The Conversation (1974, Coppola) Shampoo (1975, Hal Ashby) Slap Shot (1977, Roy Hill) Being There (1979, Hal Ashby) Brazil (1985, Terry Gilliam) Tampopo (1985, Juzu Itami) Jean de Florette + Manon des Sources (1986, Claude Berri) A Simple Plan (1989, Sam Raimi) Dreams (1990, Akira Kurosawa) What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993, Lasse Hallstrom) Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995, Todd Solondz) Breaking the Waves (1996, Lars von Trier)

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